Spectral Psytrance Soundset Vol.1

Dr. Doubledrop
Linplug Spectral Psytrance presets
Dr. DoubledropLinplug Spectral Psytrance presets
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Spectral Psytrance Soundset Vol.1

Dr. Doubledrop Spectral Psytrance Soundset Vol.1′ is the second volume of this comprehensive Spectral soundset from the Doctor.
After the exclusive “Dark Psytrance Soundset” this sound bank is stocked full of totally fresh and inspiring sounds for all Psytrance genres.
This amazing palette of Spectral presets brings you unique sounds, created to allow you to sound like the most popular Psytrance producers in the world.
These new work was inspired by the best Psytrance sounds, inside the download you’ll find all the sound categories you need including kicks, basses, leads, pads, atmospheres, gates, arps, one shot fx, uplifter fx and downlifter fx.

All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Bank description:
•01 Init
•01 Hi Hat
•03 Atmos
•04 Kicks
•04 Basses
•05 FX UP
•05 Gates
•10 FX
•10 Arps
•12 Pads
•30 Leads

Grooves used in demo are not included in the bank.
These presets require V1.3.0 or higher of Linplug Spectral Synth.

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