Spectral Essential Trance Vol.2 Construction Kits

Dr. Doubledrop
Linplug Spectral Trance presets
Dr. DoubledropLinplug Spectral Trance presets
by Doctor Doubledrop




Spectral Essential Trance Vol.2 Construction Kits

Doctor Doubledrop Spectral Essential Trance 2 Construction kits allows you to sound like the demo of the good “Spectral Essential Trance Soundset Vol.2“! Each kit contains WAV audio loops for leads, plucks and basses, coupled with MIDI for all loops giving you the freedom to add your own unique sounds into the groove, edit the note patterns and remix them into your own productions. With the included Trance midi files you can choose any sound you wish completely free from the restraints of tempo and key! You only need to assign your favourite sounds to play these awesome trance melodies and edit to perfection using your sequences piano roll editor for maximum flexibility and creative license. Instead, if your goal is make the exact precise sound of the demo, Dr. Doubledrop provides you with the original LinPlug “Spectral” presets taken from his good “Spectral Essential Trance Soundset Vol.2“!

Bonus Material:
The Doctor provided you also Grooves and Fx sounds from the demo.

All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Product description:
•05 Trance Construction Kits
•17 Trance Midi Files
•17 LinPlug “Spectral” presets
•28 Wav Samples

These presets require V1.3.0 or higher of Linplug Spectral Synth.

Need more?
Are you looking for the full Essential Trance soundbank? Check the pack out here!

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