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Massive FX Vol.1

The Doctor back with a selection of 70 FX presets from his Native Instruments Massive psytrance soundsets collection.
This soundset can be used in Any dance style, so if you are not looking for psytrance sounds but what you need is only good FX this soundset is just what you are looking for! Macro controls are set for each preset and the goal of the Doctor is able to enable you to create startling new sounds from each preset.
Shot FX, long evolving FX, uplifter FX and downlifter FX are included!
Macros are enabled for each preset and by changing only the macro controls you can obtain up to 5 distinct flavours of sound from only one preset! For example you can morph a shot FX in a long evolving one or into crazy new styles, you can transform an uplifter FX in a downlifter one - these sounds offer superb control!
What's the best thing about these sounds? There's no need for you to know anything about synthesis! Simply load up these presets in NI Massive 1.4 or higher and move the macros to create amazing new sounds!

Product details
•02 Downlifter FXs
•03 Uplifter FXs
•13 Up/Downlifter FXs
•52 One shot FXs

Pack information
•70 ".nmsv" Massive files
•Download Size: Zip 32.8 MB – Unzip 33.3 MB

System Requirements‼️
Requires Native Instrument Massive Synth v1.4 +

Grooves used in the demo are not included in the bank.

All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

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