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Electric Guitar

Fractal Vision Electric Guitar Samples

Electric guitar samples recorded using an Ibanez S prestige being played through a Cornford Harlequin, a top of the range boutique valve amplifier.

Tuned at 432Hz, the recordings have a warmer and more organic sound to them due to changing the base frequency.
It sounds more in resonance with nature and brings a calmer vibe to your sessions in the studio.
Before working with these samples, make sure that your project and any external plug-ins is set at the base frequency of 432Hz.

There are three main points of reference that are about to be covered which are the percent change of the frequency in which 432Hz is -1.818% lower than 440Hz.
You can lower the frequency in Semitones (half-steps) and 432Hz is -0.32 Semitones lower (1Hz is equivalent to 0.04 semitones).
You can adjust the tempo in Cents and 432Hz is -31.7 cents lower than 440Hz.

This sample library comes in the usual 24 bit wav, 450+ single hit samples, recorded at 145 bpm to add a touch of live performance in your productions with a real electric guitar.

Would you love to create your own melody with the good Fractal Vision guitar? So all you need is the free Easy Guitar kontakt instrument made in collaboration with the Doctor for the KVR developer challange 2016.
If you like the instrument and you use it for your productions, this samples pack is your great chance to support the artists for their work!

All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Product description:
•Download Size: Zip 301 MB – Unzip 569 MB
•08 One shot slide
•10 Rhythmic
•30 Chords
•30 Funky strum
•86 Melodic
•101 Midi Files
•209 Guitar licks

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