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Easy Guitar

Easy Guitar includes 14 different instruments for Native Instruments kontakt 5 Sampler:
-8 Recorded from an Ibanez S  Prestige tuned at 432Hz and played through a Conford Harlequin, a top of range boutique valve amplifier;
-6 Recorded from Native Instrument Massive and Synapse Dune tuned at 440Hz.

All instruments are ready with up to 20 presets includes clean & distortion guitars, sequences and processed guitars with effects like vowel, phaser, formant, skreamer, wah and more.

11 differents cabinet model;
3-Band Equalizer;
Stero Modeller;
Reverb ;
Step sequencer for velocity, sustain pedal and volume;
3 mono modes;
2 portamento modes;
Smart pitch bend;
Send levels for chorus, flanger, phaser, delay & reverb.

A default preset with no effects can be loaded for each instrument so you can make your own presets.

As bonus included in the download the synth presets used for make the synth guitars and the soundfonts file for all the instruments!

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