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Analog Dimension is professional on-line mastering, mix and post-production studio, which is situated in pleasant environment near world-known spa town Piestany, in the heart of Europe in Slovakia. Studio Analog Dimension offers first class analog mastering, vinyl mastering, re-mastering and album mixing in the most comfortable and fastest way – online through Internet.

Analog Dimension: the best sound quality of mix and mastering at reasonable prices, high-end analog equipment, professional monitoring, a tuned acoustic room, years of experience in many music business sectors, a fast and convenient on-line system, a professional and friendly approach,

and so much more…

Export yours high quality mixed songs into .wav format (24bit, 44,1-96 kHz sampling rate).
You must not use any dynamic processors ( compressor, limiter, maximizer, saturator) in the master channel of your mixed track. If the mixdown is limited, compressed or saturated we will ask you for a new version of the track. If you’ve added dithering, or other plug-ins designed to “enhance” the sound, please remove them. Please also make sure that ‘normalisation’ is off when exporting.
In order to properly master your track, we must have a proper mixdown. This means that during the main section of your song the maximun loudness (peak) shoul be max -1 db (preferred if the peak level is from -6 to -3db). Below there is an example of how the waveform of your track should look:

Psytrance-pro mastering EXAMPLES WF
Please note that many artists want a specific sound on their master. For this reason, it’s very helpful to also send a reference mastered song that sounds like you want. Also, adding any relevant notes can help reduce revisions, we will prepare songs according to our best idea and sense.
Isn’t your track ready for the mastering? need help with the mix?
Contact us at, we will examine your track and we will back to you in a short time with an estimate of the work.


If you have decided for testing mastering of one song for free, within 1-3 weeks we can send you mastered 1 minute of your song.If you will be satisfied with this demo and will let us master other songs (more than 4 songs or complete album), you will obtain this first song in full lenght completely free! We realize that 1-3 weeks is fairly long time, but satisfaction of our customers is our priority and precise job cannot be done fast. We also need to prefer fully paying customers before free testing.  

If you decide for mastering more songs, we will send you multiple samples of mastering within 10-days.

In case you are satisfied with the sound, we will send you digital invoice (payment request) through PayPal, after paying invoice through PayPal we will send you link to your mastered songs.